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English Bay Launch

Bowen Island, BC
Reservations  can be made online or by calling during office hours (M-F 8am-7pm, Wkd 8am-4pm)
For after hours EMERGENCY ONLY please call Mike @ 604-290-2055 

In October 2009, when the Granville Island Water Taxi company shut down we decided to start a new company and use our water taxi experience and boats from our other company and service Bowen Island. This kept the ferry route between Bowen Island and Granville Island open. In February 2010 during the Olympics, when Coastal Link Ferries discontinued service we added another boat to service the route between Coal Harbour and Snug Cove and keep that route open also.

We did this because we truly believe in the importance of keeping this island connected to the city, for the benefit of the people on the island (so that they can keep their Vancouver jobs and quality of life) and for the benefits of tourists (for BC locals and foreigners to benefit from all that the island has to offer).

Our commuting alternative to the Bowen Island Ferry leaving from and going to Horseshoe Bay in West-Vancouver B.C. will connect you directly to the heart of Vancouver. All of our vessels are certified by Transport Canada and can transport 12-42 people.

All of our vessels offer the choice between between protection from the weather or fresh air and excitement on the aft deck. English Bay Launch captains are experienced and we have vessels designed for sailing in relatively harsh weather conditions (our Catamaran "High Flyer"). Indeed, our team of mariners is also specialized in emergency marine rescues so we have learned from others the mistakes to avoid in order to keep your trip to Bowen Island safe and comfortable.

Why choose us:

  • No ferry line-ups
  • Captains with great personalities
  • Scenic route options
  • Ferries for Bowen Island leaving from Granville Island and Coal Harbour
  • The only Vancouver ferries (downtown) leaving from Bowen Island.
  • Friendly staff ready to answer questions from tourists
  • Bikes, kayaks and dogs are welcome.

Environmental Stewardship

We try to always use the most fuel-efficient vessel necessary for the trip. Please help us by booking your trip early enough for us to be able to plan for the capacity needs. We are also researching using biodiesel and doing a lot of research on alternative fuels and fuel efficiency in general.

In April-May 2010 members of the English Bay Launch and Old School Marine team volunteered to go to Louisiana in order to help with the oil spill cleanup.

Note to past customers of Granville Island Water Taxis: Passengers who purchased tickets from the now defunct business known as Granville Island Water Taxi were allowed to ride for free with the English Bay Launch until November 30, 2009, with the presentation of their ticket. November 30th 2009 was the final cut off for this month of free service. Any claims on Granville Island Water Taxi Tickets past or before this point will have to be presented to the owners of Granville Island Water Taxi. English Bay Launch has/had absolutley no affiliation with Granville Island Water taxi and our acceptance of their tickets in the beginning of our business was simply a promotion and NOT an obligation. Thank you, Mike Shannon.